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I was tagged by dreamers-steer-by-stars :)  (now #glazed—eyes—empty—hearts)

1. Give me your honest opinion of me? (dreamers-steer-by-stars)\

You are cute and spunky and fun to be around (even if we are just messaging) 

2. Tell one embarrassing thing about yourself. We won’t judge. (I Promise.)

I talk to my cats hehe, sometimes I just talk to myself when I’m alone but usually I can blame it on the cats

3. OTP, nOTP, brOTP?

(I had to look these up >.< hehe I am so behind the times)  

OTP: Ron and Hermione

nOTP: Katniss and Peeta

brOTP: Hiccup and Toothless :D

4. Worst food experience!

I’ve never had food poisoning… oh!  I have a good one!   When I was about 8 years old I took a big glob of sour cream and ate it thinking it was whipped cream……. bleh that was terrible

5.  Would you rather have dicks for fingers or a finger for a dick? (I got this from a Tyler Oakley video omfg I’m so sorry)

Since I’m a girl I’m going to pretend this question does not apply to me   hehe

6.  Any pets?

well, cats, and some imaginary dragons

7. Favorite Youtuber?

Lindsey Stirling!!  And Malukah

8. List your fandoms.

Lord of the Rings, How to Train Your Dragon, Harry Potter

9. Would you rather go to Hogwarts or Half-blood Camp?

HOGWARTS without hesitation

10. What person (living or dead, real or fictional) in this world do you relate to most?

Eowyn, at least I wish I was her haha 


Okay, I’m going to break the rules a bit, because I don’t think I have 11 people to tag… but I added a couple extra questions to make up for it ;)

My questions:

1.  Favorite color (always top priority)

2.  Dream pet(s)

3.  One activity that always makes you happy and feel good about yourself (ie, reading a good book, hiking, drawing, watching a favorite movie, playing a game, doing something with friends, reading comics, snuggling a kitten, etc)

4.  Number of siblings you have, and your age in relation to them (ie, youngest, second oldest, middle of five, etc)

5.  Number of siblings you wish you had

6.  Dragon or unicorn?

7.  Do you believe in God?   (you can give a simple yes or no, or you can elaborate why if you like)

8.  Story of how you and your best friend met each other

9.  Which of these three places would you rather live in: the mountains, in a big metropolis, or near the beach

10.  What is your favorite thing about yourself?  (physical feature or characteristic of your personality)

11.  If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

12.  Favorite Disney movie!

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